pfsense behind a router

  • I have a router with firewall configured with WAN and LAN. Can I setup pfsense in LAN with this scenario ?- 2 NICs of pfsense firewall configured in same LAN, one will be connecting to Router's LAN interface and other one to the LAN switch?

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    To accomplish what?

    When you put a router on a network with other hosts you can run into asymmetric routing issues.

    I have an interface set up that is just for "WAN" interfaces of other routers.

  • My router doesn't have extensive URL based web filtering options, basic thought behind this setup was to put all outbound traffic through pfsense

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    Why not just use pfSense?

    Else you would want to make a bridge of the two interfaces and set up a transparent proxy.

    Though you might just want to set up pfSense as a single-interface host on your network and use it as a pfBlocker/DNSBL DNS server.

    Moving to the cache/proxy forum since that is closer to what you are asking for but I'd look hard at DNS-based blocking instead.

  • Can I ask for a little more info, are you setting up a pfsense box for filtering (something like squid)? I have a pfsense box setup behind a standard router and it works well, like you my router (I have used BT and Sky routers) have little to no filtering.

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