Captive Portal + Radius Server : Create a generated users list

  • Hi all,
    I Configured captive portal using FreeRadius Server for authentication , it is working how however I have 3 questions if someone can help:
    1- Is the any method to generate a list of users (Like we can do with vouchers) instead of creating one by one.?
    2- How to create account that expired after a specific time?, I did create an account that expired after 30 min and even I selected "forever" for "time period" , I still can use the same account the day after it expired.
    3- Is there any way to delete expired users from database in both cases Local Database and FreeRadius Server?

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    1. no.
      you could however create your own system that generates users and insert them into the mysql DB

    2. it is possible, using some tweaks in the freeradius configuration. This forum is not for freeradius, so I won't detail many things here, but in short you could know the login date for each user(using accounting), then only accept logins having loginDate<30 minutes in the past. you can do that by changing the SQL queries that freeradius make on the database

    anyway, this is purely freeradius configuration.

    1. no, but you could use an external script to do that

  • Hi,
    Thanks for your replay.
    I have another question I created two captive portal zones (Two VLANs), and I need to know if in FreeRadius Server can separate which users to use for each zone?Because what I noticed is that the users created can be used for any WLAN.

  • @moelharrak said in Captive Portal + Radius Server : Create a generated users list:

    two captive portal zones (Two VLANs),

    If you use the same FreeRadius instance for both zones, then, yeah : users can use the credentials on both zone.


    Up to you to create a second FreeRadius instance.

    The hostname IP, authentication port accounting port and radius NAS IP attribute have to be different of course.

  • Hi ,
    Thank you for your reply , I have two instances but still can't see where can I separate users for each zone, Because when I create users I see nothing that mention to whom the users will be applied to.

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