Traffic between two peers

  • Good afternoon, I closed two bgp sessions with 02 traffic operators. I would like to know how to redirect traffic from one / 23 to operator A and traffic from the other / 23 to operator B, given that the global ad is from block / 22, in case one operator goes down, all traffic will be redirected to the one that continued online.

  • @tiodetr0x

    Announce the /22 to both as well as announce each /23 to each peer.

    If a /23 goes down and the route is withdrawn then the traffic will match the /22 on the peer/path still up.

    At least that is my understanding, but I am by no means a BGP expert.

  • @Napsterbater , Good morning, how are you?

    This is also my understanding, but my question is "how to configure this" in FRR. I didn't find where to make these settings through the graphical interface. Can you help me?

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