Apple iPhone/iCloud Backups

  • Each time my iPhone attempts to backup to iCloud, pfSense is doing something that I'm not clear on. When I look at my dashboard at the Gateways, the Gateway goes offline and all internet connectivity ceases. A search for the ports that Apple uses for iCloud backups yielded the following ports: 25, 80, 443, 587, 993 and 5223. I created a port alias and added it to my WLAN and set it up as follows:

    Action: Pass
    Interface: WLAN
    Address Family: IPv4
    Protocol: TCP
    Source: WLAN net
    Destination: any
    Destination Port Range: the port alias i created

    The Gateway still goes offline.

    A tried another backup and did a packet capture at the same time on my iPhone's IP address and found a lot of attempts at the following:
    <iPhone IP>.54860 > tcp 1062
    <iPhone IP>.54863 > tcp 1448

    1448 showed up quite a bit more than 1062.

    I do have Suricata running but I don't believe I've blocked anything that could be cuasing this issue. Any ideas what may be occurring? Do I need to add 1062 and 1448 to the port alias? Any suggestions would be helpful. Thank you.

  • Hi @newUser2pfSense - How fast is your internet connection? Is the iPhone maxing out the upload while backing up to iCloud?

  • I've got 50/50 mbps for my internet connection. I'm not sure if the iPhone is maxing out the upload while backing up or not. Incidentally, I added as a port 1062 and 1448 to the port alias and low and behold the Gateway stays online and everything seems to be fine.

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