• I have searched and searched the forums and can't find a solution to what I have done, either because I am a bad searcher or I am the first to do this.

    Here's what happened, I have loaded Squid and it seemed to be running fine.  After a few days, I checked the stats to see how often I am getting a cache hit (using Lightsquid).  I was surprised to find it was only around 0.4% to 0.8%.  After doing some reading from some Google searches, I came to the conclusion that since I am running in transparent mode, I need to change the Squid port to port 80.  So I did that, BEFORE changing the webgui to HTTPS.  Now I can't get into the webgui.  When I try to log in, I get an error page from Squid saying something about an Invalid Request.

    I know I can re-load the whole thing, but I would really like to avoid that.  Is there any way to get into the webgui from the console screen?  Or change the webgui to HTTPS from the console?

    Thanks for your help.


  • you might want to try to SSH into the box and edit the /conf/conf.xml file, it should be by the top of the file.


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  • Thanks, that did it.  It was a fun process because if I tried the Stop command or the KillAll command, Squid would only stop for a few seconds.  I had my laptop while at the router and would have to log in and get to the right page as fast as possible to change the webgui port number.  It took a few trys before I was able to make the change before Squid would kick in and keep me from making the change.