E-mail messages are not automatically received on outlook

  • Hello everyone

    I'm new to the forum and pfsense.

    So I need help because I have a big problem with the company I'm working with right now.
    The problem is, my full infrastructure doesn't automatically update incoming emails in Outlook

    I tried opening the door by searching on google, so I have no more ideas for solving this.

    I hope some help
    Thank you everyone.

  • @raulsilva

    Why do you think this is a pfSense problem? The only thing it could do is block email entirely, not just automatic updates.

  • @JKnott

    I think the problem is with pfsense because just when I put it into production, the problem came up.

    I have ntop, meerkat and pfblocker installed. Maybe the problem arose with that? Don't have any more ideas to resolve this!

  • @raulsilva

    PfSense, like any other firewall, can block protocols. That is it either blocks the email entirely or not at all. If mail can be downloaded manually, but not automatically, pfSense wouldn't do that. As far as pfSense is concerned, there is no difference between an automatic or manual download. Also, where is the mail server, in relation to pfSense? If it's on the local network, then pfSense can have absolutely no effect on the email.

  • @JKnott

    The mail server is google (G SUITE), in your opinion, what can be the problem?

  • @raulsilva

    There's no way to tell with such little info. You could do stuff like packet captures to see what's happening. Are the requests going out? Response? Are you using a browser? Email app? Etc.?

    BTW, I also use G Suite, with my own domain name, as well as regular GMail. I haven't seen that problem.

  • @raulsilva said in E-mail messages are not automatically received on outlook:

    I tried opening the door by searching on google, so I have no more ideas for solving this.

    First of all, describe your interfaces 'setup'.
    Is this a simple WAN and LAN ?
    What is the setup ?

    When you activate pfSense, there are no rules on LAN, so every device you hook up to LAN can access the entire Internet without restrictions.
    Nothing is blocked.

    This is btw a default behaviour - any router firewall on earth behaves like this (Ok, Maybe not Cisco ... I dono).

    So, what did you do .... tell us and we will tell you why you shouldn't do that - or do it differently.

    Btw : I use Outlook (from Office 365) myself on several PC's behind a pfSense.
    The trick is : to have Outlook get mails automatically, you have to set it up ... in Outlook.

    Like "every xx minutes do a sync with all mail boxes".

    Here it is for an 'old' Outlook 2010 :

    Thus : every 30 minutes Outlook collects mail from all my mail boxes.

    edit : sorry, my Outlook is 'French' ....

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