Bridge two networks on layer 2 fails with pfsense 2.4.4

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    some time ago I used pfsense 2.3 connect two networks over openvpn on layer 2. So both networks used ips from the same subnet and everything works well. The openvpn server was on an opnsense box and the pfsense box was the client. Now I want to setup the same thing with pfsense 2.4.4. But this is not working. Openvpn is up and running but ping across this network doesn't work. But if the pfsense box is the server and the opnsense box runs in client mode it is working.

    Has anyone the same problems with 2.4.4? Is there an better solution to connect two networks like a bridge?

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  • @BJ55463

    I assume you're using TAP, rather than TUN mode. Also, is there a reason you need to be on the same subnet? If not, just go with TUN and a different subnet.

  • ^^^ Agreed. You'd typically only implement a bridged solution if there's an application being leveraged that relies on broadcasts. Outside of that use case, a routed solution is usually preferred.

  • Thank you for your response. Sure normaly i use tun and routed subnets. In this case I need a bridged solution. On both sites are diffrent virtual servers connected which could be changed beetwen both sites so mac and ip could change the site. This is an old setup and a new network layout with multiple subnets and routing is not planned for now and will do a lot of work.

    So any other idea?

  • I could solve the problem. Seems that is an issue between opnsense and pfsense. I installed an pfsense box on the other site and now it works.

    Thank you for your time!

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