SPAN port cannot be disabled issue - solved

  • Hi there,

    Can someone please shed some light on this issue that I am facing please.

    My pfSense version is 2.4.4 p2, installed on a small single board computer box acting as my firewall to the Internet.

    I have 3 LAN ports that two of them forms a bridge as the LAN interface, the last one of the LAN ports was configured as the SPAN of the LAN bridge in order for me to capture the LAN traffic.

    Now I want to remove the SPAN port and add it to the LAN bridge so that I can have 3 LAN ports as the member of the bridge. However I am unable to do so.

    Assuming I was doing it correctly, my understanding is that adding or removing a port as SPAN port is the same as adding or removing members from a bridge, in which case you use mouse to click once to select if it hasn't been selected, or click to unselect if it has been already selected, all in the webGUI.

    The problem I have is that I cannot unselect ports from SPAN port section to remove existing member from it. There are 4 candidates in the SPAN port section, they are WAN, LAN1, LAN2 and LAN3. I wanted to unselect the one that is selected so that neither of these 4 ports is selected, but I cannot. Clicking one that is selected does NOT unselect it. Doing the exact same clicking in the bridge members section will however allow me to unselect ports.

    Now I am stuck with having one SPAN port and 2 LAN ports as part of the LAN bridge. Note that last year I was able to remove the SPAN port but the pfSense version would have been older.

    Is my pfSense misbehaving or something else?

    Your time and help will be much appreciated.


  • Update:

    I think I found the reason why I cannot do this.

    To unselect a selected member from a multi-selection sections you will need to CTRL+click instead of just click by mouse. Pressing down the CTRL key while clicking a selected member will unselect it.

    So I was doing it wrong.


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