Suricata v4.1.5 Package Release Notes (currently available for pfSense-2.5 DEVEL only)

  • Suricata-4.1.5

    This update for the Suricata GUI package adds two new configurable parameters to interface configurations and sets the minimum Suricata binary version requirement to 4.1.5 or greater.

    New Features:

    1. Added new meta-field-limit parameter for an HTTP App Layer Parser server config. Redmine issue #6785. This parameter is now available on the libhtp engine configuration when editing a HTP Policy Engine on the APP PARSERS tab.

    2. The EVE Alert Log metadata setting is now configurable. Turning off this App Layer metadata logging when sending EVE alert data to a syslog server can help prevent truncating of long lines by syslog. This new parameter is located on the INTERFACE SETTINGS tab.

    Bug Fixes:


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