Captive portal for Public WiFi network

  • Hi I have an open SSID bridged to a VLAN that I use to advertise fixed wireless internet service. I currently have a captive portal on the AP but I want to move towards a centralized captive portal. I have an IPv4 GIF tunnel back to a colo. I have a policy based route on my public WiFi VLAN for internet traffic to egress at the colo via the GIF tunnel. I tried creating a captive portal on the interface but the captive portal does not seem to be listening. Do I need to allow clients to access pfSense at port 80 on the public wifi interface? In the pfSense handbook it says that you must use the interface address as a DNS resolver in order for the captive portal to work. My local DNS resolver does not egress at the colo and I don't want it to. Instead I am using a DNS resolver hosted at the colo. I have appropriate firewall rules and ACL entries to allow DNS traffic to the colo DNS resolver. Everything works great until I turn the captive portal on in pfSense.

    I want all client generated traffic on the public WiFi VLAN to egress at the colo, including DNS traffic. I also want a captive portal hosted locally on the public WiFi VLAN. Is this setup even possible using the captive portal in pfSense? Thanks.

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