LAN Sharing stops on Pfsense

  • I setup a server (2 NIC Cards) with Pfsense 2.4.4 version and then using one NIC as WAN and other NIC as LAN.
    The users connected to LAN are not able to see each other on LAN.
    Moreover, i already configured NAS on server which is earlier working when we are using CISCO router, now its not.

    If i bypass pfsense and start using my old Cisco router then it starts working again.

    HELP ME.....

  • Have you enabled DHCP settings on LAN interface ?
    How does your firewall rule look like?
    Can you browse internet ?
    Is the problem only with LAN devices?

  • -----------I just find the exact issue due to which this happening--------------
    Actually, i created a open Network share on my server(that means if some one connected in my network will see my open network share folder).
    On same server i created a VM instance on which pfsense is running.
    Now my local LAN users will get traffic from pfsense and not able to discover my server on LAN(which was earlier connected to switch)
    This is the main cause for all this.

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    Pfsense has zero to do with lan devices talking to each other..

    Pfsense can hand out ips to your clients, so if that is not working your clients wouldn't get an ip to be on the network at all. Pfsense could be involved in resolving a host name on your network.. So if that is not working you might not be able to resolve host.domain.tld - but windows loves to broadcast for names to access shares.. So even if that was down you should still be able to resolve your windows machine sharing files.

    But pfsense is not actually ever going to be evolved in that actual conversation between devices on the same network.. So if you can not access some share \IPaddress, it has zero to do with pfsense.

    Can your client ping the IP of your server?

  • @johnpoz Yes Pfsense installed on VM able to ping the actual machine IP.

  • @johnpoz said in LAN Sharing stops on Pfsense:

    but windows loves to broadcast for names to access shares.

    but will only enable 'interaction' if the network (LAN) is declared as 'Domestic' or 'Company' network. Public networks : no sharing here.

    Btw : the only thing you need to share among 2 PC's : a network cable. Nothing else.
    3 or more PC4s: a switch and you'll be fine.
    You do have to set a IP and net mask for every PC, though.
    Windows sharing would work right out of the box.

    Adding pfSense to the switch is not needed. It would save you from maintain static IP's on every LAN device. And handling the Internet access, because it would be a gateway fr your network ... firewall, etc.

    What want to say : shut down pfSense and windows sharing still works .... because network sharing traffic doesn't concern pfSense.

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    @Gertjan said in LAN Sharing stops on Pfsense:

    You do have to set a IP and net mask for every PC, though.

    Nope not even that - they would all just use APIPA (169.254.x.x)

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