VirtualBox & Traffic Shaper

  • I have various old pieces of computing equipment & want a decent router.
    I would like to have my 'always on software' in the same machine.

    So the setup is an A58 lenovo machine 4GB upgraded to a q9500 cpu.
    I decided to purchase a basic 'managed switch' The TL-SG108E. I have a few Vlans
    The first, for the WAN, second 'trusted' LAN and third LAN for the 'untrusted' The pfsense rules will be set appropriately.
    It means I can use pfsense with a machine that has a single NIC.
    Other than the switch are not keen on spending much network related hardware.
    My computer part money is going on my gaming PC.

    It has ubuntu server on there, with virtualbox with a web gui and other software I wish to run.
    The machine itself only has access to the trusted LAN. The other VLans s are set to a local link.
    Also the outside router which is not great has no bridging option. The pfsense WAN address is a static IP set to the same IP as the DMZ on the outside router.

    I am aware of potential security issues but that is not what I am interested in right now. This is for my home setup with just a few machines (3-4) going through the router.

    I want to know if virtualbox works well with the pfsense traffic shaper.
    Will all the packets be sent through the WAN be in the correct order when traffic shaping is used with a virtualbox pfsense virtual machine?

    As for obtaining hardware for a standalone router I was maybe thinking a second hand laptop. One with a faulty screen that is readable you can get very good deals with old laptops. Due to the economics it seems that replacing the screens situation can mean very cheap laptops. The screen is only needed to install the software. Also it will have lowish power usage and likely little cpu usage so overheating will not be a worry. It will have a single NIC but is not an issue if using Vlans. Oh and I am sure some will not like my choice but so what. I have seen some i5 ones for $60ish Australian dollars which will probably have the AES support.

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