Replace 2 port with 4 port nic card

  • I bought a used 4 port intel nic card and was trying to replace the old 2 port card and have some question regarding the assignments of the new nic ports (igb0-igb3) instead of the old (em0-em1) to the existing interfaces. I have OpenVpn clients and vpn server and also some of my interfaces are using VLANs.
    What I did:

    1. I have backup my existing configuration and shutdown the firewall;
    2. replaced the nic card and restarted the pfsense computer;
    3. during the booting pfsense detects the new nic card and proposing to assign the VLANs and interfaces.
    • I have followed the VLAN assignment to nic ports (i.e. igb0 >> VLAN 100)
    • then I linked the interfaces with the ports (ex: LAN >> igb 1 ) and do I need to link the interface to the specific VLAN instead of port if the interface is using VLAN?
    • also there are vpn_client_interfaces and vpn_server_interfaces, here is not quite clear what port to link, I suppose that I need to link respective em0 WAN port (em0 in my case will be used by WAN interface as it will switch to em0 from em2 as I remove the old 2 nic card) to all clients and server?
      After I have tried the above steps but probably I messed something in between as after assigning all VLANs and interfaces I reached again the start assignment screen that was saying to assign the VLANs and interfaces.

    Will appreciate any help

  • LAYER 8

    take your backup configuration, edit it with notepad++ for example
    search and replace em0 with igb0
    search and replace em1 with igb1
    save it to a new copy
    assuming there is no problem with your pfsense installation just configure WAN and LAN without any other particular settings. go to the webgui and
    restore the configuration of pfsense with the new file. reboot

  • Netgate Administrator

    Yeah, almost certainly easier to manually edit the config in this case.

    I would not use find-and-replace directly though as there's a good chance you could have some em0s and em1s in your certificates and keys and you obviously don't want that replacing.

    Also watch out for the port order not being what you expect. igb0 might be the opposite end of the card for example. Run ifconfg at the console with one port connected to check which is which if you have any doubt.


  • @stephenw10
    This worked - Thanks a lot.

    If somebody will have same issue, here is how I did: I have edited the config file in sublime text editor and replaced the necessary ports (e.g. em0 with igb1) for interfaces and VLANs. After I have restore to the edited config and I get a message on the top that there are some discrepancies for my interfaces (that was expected as my config was for new nic card and I have still the old one ). I have shut down the pfsense computer, replaced the old nic with the new one and restarted and everything was working fine from the first time (no other settings were necessary except just to find the right ports that corresponds to the new nic card.


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