openvpn route and dns

  • clinet network rang
    server side rang
    when wireless down i use openvpn
    i have problm when i use openvpn how to route all of traffic to master and dont use public dns use local dns .the ip of server dns
    alt text

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    @hamed_forum Give us more information and show openvpn & firewall configuration pages!

  • i use shared key openvpn
    in server side
    IPv4 Tunnel Network
    IPv4 Remote network(s)
    Local port 1194
    all other default
    i use this tutrial link text
    and run success openvpn but in clinet site i user rang on clinet
    and clinet cant dns resovle correct
    firewall openvpn any any accept
    if need information say i write it

    my problm solved by use dns forwarder domain override
    i need send all of the trafic from clinet site to the server
    ip v4 Remote network what must set?i now send my rang local in server but i need all of the trafic in clinet side come to server and then routing
    my accounting server internet in server site

    #anchor(i need route all trafice in clinet side to server)

  • @hamed_forum use in IPv4 Remote network(s) fowrard all trafic to server side

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