description box keeps changing to System Administrator

  • Hi, Have installed pfblockerng on pfsense and enabled auto rule management. Now everytime I edit something the description field gets auto filled with the text "System Administrator". Is there a way to turn it off for description boxes ?

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    That sounds like something going on with your browser and autofill function.

    Can you post example of what your talking about?

  • thanks, did not think of that .. but it must be the browser im using. It doesnt happen with IE.

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    You using any sort of password thing like lastpass or something.. If a site gets saved with wrong field stuff like that can happen.

  • Yes I am using lastpass, I havent tried turning it off yet to see what happens, for now I just installed a different browser.

    Thanks for the help!

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    Hmmmm I am running lastpass as well - and just noticed this is happening as well.. I created a rule, then when to go edit said rule and the description was filled in with System Administrator?? Hmmmm?

    Well its for sure lastpass - I just logged out of lastpass and it doesn't do it.. Hmm I do not recall ever saving that anywhere.. Will have to look at the matches, since a few come up because of the local.lan in the url... Will look into and report back.

    Ok found the problem... last pass had this saved for some reason.


    Deleted this for the site in lastpass - and now doesn't do it.. Not sure how that got saved? Must as some point updated or saved all fields.. but once deleted that entry is no longer doing it.

    So I would suggest you go through your site in lastpass for your pfsense login and edit the form fields.

  • very nice, thanks! This fixed it for me too.

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