Services behind firewall a no joy.

  • Hello,

    I have configured a wan firewall rule to accept incoming connections for ultravnc to a host machine on a particular port behind pfsense on the LAN network, but I get no joy when I use Ultravnc via internet.

    Can someone direct me to the where I find out how to configure PFsense to accept incoming connections that are initiated from the internet such as UltraVNC or DNS or POP or SMTP.


  • OK, I've just been through this process on 1.2.3 to ensure the steps are accurate and complete.

    Create a NAT entry (NAT -> Port Forward).

    Fill in the relevant fields and ensure that "Auto-add a firewall rule to permit traffic through this NAT rule" is selected.

    Submit the form, and don't forget to "Apply Changes" when returned back to the list of forwarded ports :D

    That should be all that you need - by default, the automatically-created rule will be "allow all".

    I would advise that you tunnel VNC through a VPN or SSH connection though!

  • Beautiful! It Works!! Thank you very much for your help.