Multi Site Connections Not Working

  • Not a pfsense pro at all. I asked this question before but never go a response so i deleted it. I am going to ask again differently.

    We have 2 locations. Current hardware is described below. Currently all network communication is working perfect.

    Location 1 Cisco ASA 5512(Primary firewall, Default route outside and VPN) and Cisco 2900(Mainly used for location 1 LAN routing, Connected to ASA 5512 and Location 2)

    Location 2 Cisco ASA 5512(Primary firewall, Default route outside and Connected to Location 1)

    At both locations we will be replacing the Cisco ASA boxes with Netgate XG-7100's. and the Cisco 2900 with an Netgate SG-2440.

    We are starting with the Cisco 2900 and I have setup to the best of my ability the SG-2440 with all of location 1 LAN networks, and the connection to location 2. The LAN routing is working for location 1. From location 1 I can ping a pc at location 2 and can use remote desktop to access a pc at location 2. From location 2 i cannot ping or use rdp to access location 1.

    All NIC's on the SG-2440 are set to Allow Any protocol, Any source, and Any destination.

    I also have static route that need to added, but i'm getting errors on 2 of them. How do i fix these errors? /29 (Error Network Conflicts with Interface LAN_0_1) (Error Network Conflicts with Interface LAN_10_0)

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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