Pfsense , DHCP and OpenVpn

  • Hello All,
    Sorry if this question has been asked already, but i could not find any answer.

    My configuration is as follow :

    Web -> ISP Router -> DHCP to network 1 (200.x.x.x)->Pfsense -> DHCP to network 2 (30.x.x.x)

    My question:
    Would it be possible to have an OpenVPN access to my Pfsense (and network 2?)

    If yes, how to ? I know this is not the best configuration, but this is the problem i have to solve :(

    I am pretty new to pfsense, so please give me a lot of details !

    Thank you very much !


  • You have to forward OpenVPN packets on your ISP router to the pfSense WAN IP. The pfSenes WAN address should be static.

    Configuring an OpenVPN Remote Access Server

    If your public IP from your ISP isn't static, you will have to use a dynamic DNS service to have a static FQDN, which you are able to connect to from outside.
    The DDNS update should be done by the ISP router if possible. If it doesn't support that you may do it on pfSense, you can run a cron job with a short interval for that.