portforward issue over vpn with floating rules

  • Hi, I'm new to pfsense and im learning by doing.

    I have a network connected to this pfsense.
    the fw have openvpn client and i have 3 floating rules on the wan interface

    • pass udp 1194
    • pass udp 53
    • reject any any

    this works great, if my fw looses vpn connectivity none of my machines can access internet, just as i want it.

    now the issue, i want to portforward a port to one of the devices on the network.

    and this doesnt work, if i disable my floating rule the portforward works.

    i have tried several things like removing portforward and only allow lan net to go via opt1 interface in hope to get my "kill switch", but if vpn goes i still have internet access.
    i have tried to creat a floating rule regardning my port fortward in any direction, but get CLOSED:SYN_SENT

    i am out of ideas, can't i have my kill switch and a portforward?

  • You can tag the traffic on the vpn interface and then create a floating rule to block the tagged traffic from going out of the WAN interface. This will act as a killswitch when your vpn goes down.


    I got a similar setup including port forwarding for my non VPN WAN interface to a local machine.

  • Hey, that worked really well =) thank you very much! i had spent hours to try different things before this :P

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