WAN interface becomes unassigned after changing from PPPoE to Static IPv4

  • We had a WAN interface that was configured as PPPoE and working. We received a static IP from the ISP and needed to change the interface type to Static IPv4. After blanking the PPPoE username/password, changing the interface type, and entering the assigned IP/subnet/gateway, we were not able to connect. I verified in "Interfaces -> Assignments" that the WAN was assigned to em0. We were having a hard time understanding why we could not connect.

    I then went into "Status -> Interfaces" and noticed that the WAN was marked "Down" and also noticed that there was no NIC assignment noted - nothing after the comma in (wan, ), and no MAC address listed:

    alt text

    I went back to "Interfaces -> Assignments" and simply hit "Save" without making any changes. At this point under Status the interface showed "em0" and the MAC address was listed.

    I then went back into the interface definition and hit "Save" and Apply and it connected.

    It certainly took quite a bit of work and troubleshooting (I am working on it remotely for someone else) to figure out the problem. Is this expected behavior when an interface changes away from PPPoE?

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