XG-1541 with TNSR Results with 10GB + connection

  • I am looking at using the XG-1541 with TNSR to encrypt a 10GB private connection between two sites. Does anyone have experience with this device and 10GB + bandwidth that can comment on their results with encrypted traffic, etc?

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    While I don't have any experience with that hardware or tnsr yet.. If its a private connection why are you concerned with encryption.. What protocol are you using to move the data? Its not already encrypted?

  • Even though it's "private", it's still a Layer 2 or 3 connection through another provider's switches. A technicia can easily SPAN the VLAN this circuit may ride and pull data from it. Encrypting the connection provides protection from a rouge technician in the network between location A & Z. The connection may ride multiple providers as well.

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    I would complete the form here and see about a trial:


    tnsr could excel in that application.

    And I agree. Data in flight is no longer private. Especially through a third party.

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