pfSense as a transparent bridge

  • God day to all.
    I have installed pfsense on my Odroid H2 with 2xNIC and need your help with setting up pfSense as a bridge.
    At the moment my house network looks like this
    Static IP provider--------ASUS router------switch----devices
    Asus router does port forwarding and also managed local network.
    I would like to have pfSense in this configuration:

    StaticIP provider-----pfSense bridge ----ASUS router----switch---devices
    with all the settings on the router I have at the moment. In case I am away from home for 3 weeks and Odroid will have some issues , my wife can simple unplugged the FW and get back to previous installation.

    So far I have followed the post

    and did as follow:

    1. disabled outbound NAT
    2. set the value to 1
    3. to a value of 0
    4. create and enable bridge interface
    5. OPT1 - I have set IP address from pool of LAN of my router without setting upstream gateway. Here I have problem what IP and gateway shall I use since pfSense in on the WAN port of router and I don't have any upstream router as shown in this tutorial.
    6. Set WAN and LAN interfaces and set the IPv4 and IPv6 configuration type to None
    7. Configure Firewall: WAN interface created a rule that passes all traffic over the interface.
    8. Configure Firewall: Created a rule that passes any traffic to the OPT1 net.

    Thank you for your time and answering.

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