Captive Portal configuration

  • There is anyone willing to configure remotely a very basic captive portal???
    Let me know what's your fee for that, if we do agree on that, it will be paid immediately after setup (previously used, where you can check i DO PAY for work done), thanks.

    Current setup, so you know what we do have available and how it should work:

    1. The last and current version of PFSense, is installed on a (powerfull) mini pc, which has nothing else inside, not even an OS, but only PFSense.

    2. A LAN wire connect PFSense to an Engenius ENH202, which act as AP, broadcasting the open and unprotected wi-fi signal to potential users.

    3. The internet is coming from a small router, which is connected by LAN wires to both the PFSense mini pc and an old desktop which is used as a local server to host my intranet site (NOT on the internet).

    4. An old desktop is used to host a site made with Joomla, all the people connecting to the wi-fi should be bounced back to this site, no matter what address they try to reach.

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