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  • Hi to all,
    Since yesterday that I'm searching all over, with very limited or no success, regarding the change of the 'option selection' colors. Since in the dark mode, they cannot be visible, unless selected, but for instance, if we are viewing the Network Interfaces, on Squid, for instance, I can't distinguish which ones are already selected, unless I reselect them again.

    • Selection option has a blue background with white foreground; -- Good reading
    • Selected, on viewing mode, has a very faint grey background and a black foreground -- bad reading. I want to change this to a darker background, in order to be more readable.

    I'm searching in the '/usr/local/www/...' files, and CSS's, but so far with no success in order to change this, so I come here to see if someone more experienced can light a candle on this.

    I know it's probably a very simple change, but the simplest sometimes are the hardest to find.

    Screenshot 2019-10-14 at 14.25.01.png Screenshot 2019-10-14 at 14.24.52.png

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    i don't have this problem and i'm using the dark mode
    after selection it will became blue like in your first screenshot and if i change page and go back it is still blue. it could have something to do with your browser.
    anyway the files are here /usr/local/www/css/pfSense-dark.css

  • @kiokoman Thank you for your reply.

    I have reinstalled this PF yesterday and I'm seeing this for a long time, so no browser issues for sure.

    Just to clarify, they remain 'blueish' only when we do a selection, but when for instance, you open the page to check the configs, and no selection is made, and you just want to check which are the selections done, I get the 'not readable' selected options.

    The issue with the CSS is that I can't figure out which of the options to change.
    Hence me asking for your help.

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    as i said i don't have that behavior, they are always blue for me, i'm using firefox, now i try with other browsers ..

  • @kiokoman Thank you, strange ... since I use several OSes to access it, and several browsers too.

    FF / Chrome / Safari
    Windows / MacOS ...

    All of them. display that issue, and for a long time, but since I had to reinstall the PF I decided to do it 'by hand' and this is very annoying.
    Hence the question.

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