How to tag interface SFP+ ix0 on an XG-7100

  • Hi,

    I configured our XG-7100 with a LAN VLAN (and some others) and when I'm using an ethernet port from the XG-7100 as trunk to my Netgear switch it works: I can tag the XG-7100 ethernet port and give it the right VLAN number in the interfaces/switch/ports+vlan section . When the Netgear switch ports are also configured correctly a device receives an ip address from the LAN vlan DHCP server.

    But if I want to use the ix0 port as trunk to my switch it does not work, probably because it's not tagged? Where can I tag + specify the tag number of the ix0 port?
    Or is there some other way of getting the ix0 + ix1 ports to work as trunk to my switch for a VLAN?

    Thanks. Wessel

  • Netgate Administrator

    You have to create the VLANs in Interfaces > Assign > VLANs
    Add whatever VLAN you need using ix0 as the parent interface.

    Then assign and enable the new ix0.x VLAN interface in Interfaces > Assign as you would with any other interface.


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