Pfsense between 2 Mikrotik VLAN cannot communicate ?

  • Hello,

    I have setup 2 VLANs between 2 mikrotik routers (1 for WAN and 1 for LAN) that communicates with each other through VLAN10. I put PfSense between these two routers. Now routers cannot communicate with each other and Pfsense acts as an Gateway. I want WAN router VLAN communicates with LAN router VLAN through Pfsense so I can filter their traffic.

    Can you help ? Any suggestions or guidance appreciated.


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    Why would you put WAN and LAN on the same VLAN?

  • Dear Derelict,

    I have posted the Figure of my existing network and new network below. I provide internet connection to LAN through this VLAN (VLAN10) since this VLAN has configured for specific routes and queue targeting WAN-LAN connection and other networks. (PFSENSE.png image url)

    All I want is to prevent users accessing to some websites in my network without modifying any configuration of my Mikrotik Routers and VLANs.
    The Pfsense will sit between 2 routers but it should allow VLAN10 to communicate between 2 mikrotik routers so it will trace network activities and block specific connection requests (e.g. facebook, youtube, xxx sites etc..) between WAN and LAN network.

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    Nonsensical. Sorry.

    What is your purpose.

    What are you trying to accomplish?

  • I want to filter the traffic for the VLAN10. That's why I want to use Pfsense. But WAN and LAN communicates each other through VLAN10 so when Pfsense intercepts the network it disconnects LAN from the Internet.

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    What do you mean filter? As a firewall or as a transparent filter?

  • Yes, actually it will filter the incoming and outgoing traffic so LAN users will not be able to access Youtube, Facebook, or any other site that I will set as a rule.

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    Look up transparent bridging/filtering.

  • I will check out..Thank you so much.

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