Documentation missing L2TP client

  • LAYER 8

    i'm unable to find any documentation about configuring L2TP client,
    there is no mention to it anywhere or at least i was unable to find it
    i think that at least a couple of words that say "if you want to configure L2TP client go to interface/assignment/ppps add link type L2TP "
    this way people will know where to go and that the feature is available
    having the VPN / L2TP menu turns out to be misleading

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    pfSense isn't meant to act as an L2TP VPN client. The L2TP type available for WANs is for WAN connectivity to an ISP which requires using that protocol.

    It may, by accident, happen to work as an L2TP VPN client in certain scenarios, but it's not officially supported.

    L2TP under the VPN menu is for the L2TP server, as all the other VPN servers are under that menu as well (and the L2TP server tends to be used only in combination with IPsec).

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