HAProxy pkg 0.59_19: http-request-auth realm bug

  • Hello,
    if I use the http-request-auth action on the frontend as follows:

    Action: http-request-auth
    realm: somerealm

    Then the generated haproxy.cfg entry will look like:

    http-request auth somerealm  if  ...

    While it should be like:

    http-request auth realm somerealm  if  ...

    See http://cbonte.github.io/haproxy-dconv/1.8/configuration.html#4.2-http-request

    E.g. the realm entry doesn't add the "realm" keyword to the front of the realm value.

    To workaround this I just added "realm" to the realm value:

    Action: http-request-auth
    realm: realm somerealm

    But I believe this shouldn't be necessary.

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