Thanks from my wife

  • I've been a pihole user for a couple of years. Everything was fine with it, except that my wife couldn't watch videos linked from The Weather Channel|Network|Whatever. They were always blocked by pihole. She would have to get off wifi just to watch, and then reconnect after. Total PITA.

    Now that I'm running pfSense at home, I installed & configured pfB. It happily blocks all ads AND lets my wife watch her nature videos without blocking them.

    Good job!

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    You know you could of stopped pihole from blocking whatever she wanted to watch with a few clicks right ;)

  • Ha, a few clicks. I tried once. Their site is slathered in so much shit, and I don't have the patience to go down THAT rabbit hole for too long. I was going to nuke the pihole anyway as I don't need another point of failure when the SG-1100 can do it all. This was just a happy little bonus.

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    I use pfblocker just for aliases, to block inbound stuff.. It is fantastic tool for that. pihole gives you a friendly eye candy interface to see what is being blocked and who queried what, etc.

    If pfblocker would do a pretty gui like pihole - now that would be the cats meow for sure ;)

  • Funny story. I was working on my config last night. I already had pfB up & running well. Next was defining and connecting to three VPNs: 1 to work and 2 to Mullvad. After getting the tunnels up, all my traffic just died. In a panic, I tried a few things without success and ended up turning off the tunnels to restore access. I was still scratching my head until I went to help another user here and he ended up helping me. It turns out that the pfB virtual IP happened to be in the same network as one of my tunnels....

    So tonight I'll change the pfB VIP and move on.

    It's definitely nice to be able to connect to my work desktop while I have a torrent running, and no screwing around with VPNs at the client level.

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    Happy wife, happy life. ☺


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    Make sure you are using pfBlockerNG-devel which is much improved over the release version.

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