Rules on Wan interface not working

  • Guys,

    I am trying to do a very simple setup but for some reason it wont work.
    I am running Pf-sense at a couple of my clients already but i never experienced these troubles.

    I installed a Pf-sense box from scratch that need to be send to the other end of the world.
    i just configured DHCP on the wan interface and want to be able to finish the configuration remotely.

    I first configured an openvpn which i did before but wasn't able to connect to it in my test environment. Even-tho i think the firewall rule was correct.

    As a test i opened port 443 to be able to access it remotely on the WAN ip. as the box needed to be send out quickly but no luck.

    Then as an other test i opened the ICMP response on the wan but it wasn't working also.

    These are the rules currently in my setup:


    The rest of the settings are still virgin, it seems to be the firewall rules are not being applied.

    I also reinstalled Pf-sense with the latest version and second last version. no difference.

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    Why did you delete your post? Did you figure it out - do you want me to delete the whole thread... Its showing up as there, but no context in the thread (that others can see)..

  • Found the solution date was 12 years of... after setting date and time everything was fine. Thanks

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    So your clock being off kept the rules from loading? I have never tested that - but not sure how that would come into play.. Doesn't matter if firewall throught it was today or 12 years ago or 12 years in the future.. Rules would be rules would be rules.

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