ACME Cert webConfigurator conflicting with OpenVPN CA?

  • Thanks for your help!

    I'm attempting to install a certificate generated by the ACME client on to a pfSense box which already has OpenVPN installed. I'm able to successfully generate the ACME cert, it shows up in my Certificates store. But when I go to apply it to the webConfigurator; upon reboot the ACME cert is dropped and a new "webConfigurator default" cert is created and applied.

    My best research tells me that the problem rest with my ACME client not adding ACMEcert to my CAs list or Certificate Revocation list.

    My CAs and Certification Revocation list only my self-signed CA generated when I installed OpenVPN.


    • am I correct in identify the problem?
    • if so, how do I add the ACMEcert to my CAs & Revocation list?

    Thank You for Your Help, (much appreciated!)

  • Following-up on my own question -

    I was wrong - If I look closely at the "reply-screen" when requesting/renewing a certificate using the ACME client - pfSense - CloudFlare DNS validation. In the reply screen it show errors

    [Sun Oct 27 15:50:29 PDT 2019] invalid domain
    [Sun Oct 27 15:50:29 PDT 2019] Error add txt for

    I've closely followed 2 tutorials on how to set this up and there must be something I am missing.

    All Help is Appreciated!

    Thank You,

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    Don't use an ACME certificate for OpenVPN. Generate your own, local CA for that.

  • @Derelict

    Thank You for your Reply - Understood regarding not using the ACME cert for OpenVPN. My openVPN service is working great and I plan to leave it alone. I would like to however add the ACME cert for my WebConfigurator and that is where I am stuck!

    I can't seem to get the ACME client to correctly request a certificate for my CloudFlare hosted DNS domain.

    Again Thanks,

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    Well you will probably need to use a DNS method for that.

    Youtube Video

  • @Derelict
    Yes, working to use DNS Validation w/CloudFlare for ACME client.

    Thanks for the linked Video - Very Helpful (I've worked through it twice) and I believe I am close to getting ACME to work with CloudFlare. In the Video he uses a different DNS host for validation.

    Appreciate the link and your reply.


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