OpenVPN DNS Issues on Windows

  • I am trying to setup my server running OpenVPN and dnsmasq to route DNS requests for my server's hostname or domain to the server's local IP so that I can use smb over the VPN and continue to access my server's various webservers using the full domain. I have this setup and working correctly on an iPad and two Android phones but it isn't working on my Windows's machines. On Windows I can access my sever via domain (it routes to the local IP as expected) but not via the machine name which means I can't use smb as I would at home.

    Any ideas on the issue?

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    did you try to put it inside C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts ?

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    Did you hand your vpn client your dns in your openvpn config? I use this every day, all day.. Is there some reason your using the forwarder (dnsmasq) and not unbound on pfsense?


    When your client connects.. Look in your interface details with ipconfig /all Do you see that it was handed dns?

    When I get to work this morning, I will connect as always and show you how it should look.

    You are running your openvpn server on pfsense right?

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