PfBloquer, help with entry locks

  • If someone were kind enough to share a guide, manual, tutorial, about how to use PfBloquer to block incoming Geo-Ip, for a perimeter firewall.

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    Moved your question to the pfblocker section..

    Not sure why this should be a question though... You create an alias, then use it in your rules to either allow or block access to the ports you have open.. Its not something you need a guide for, its just a basic firewall rule.. Block or Allow.

    I have plex allowed in my rules. I have a list setup that contains US, and Honduras, it also contains known IPs used by plex to test if server is available remotely.. And also included is IPs that test from 3rd party if the port is open - so I can get notified if not available.

    These are the only IPs that are allowed to use the rule, they are the source.

    Above that rule I have a different list (bad actors) because they might be from the US, or Honduras.. So blocked them before they can get to the allow list.

    Remember rules are evaluated top down, first rule to trigger wins.. No other rules are evaluated.. So if create a rule that top that blocks who you want to block, then they would never get to your allowed rules..

    You limit your allow rules with a source limit to only allow say US, even though they are not on a specific bad list.. They are not US so they are not allowed. So they will drop through to the default deny.

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