Controll networksegment access based on usergroups via OpenVPN

  • Hi,

    if i had a network like the one in the model.
    The network can be accessed via OpenVPN. Furthermore the pfSense is linked to the windows domain via LDAP.
    So every Domain-User has the ability to use OpenVPN with his AD-Credentials.


    My question is: Is it possible to give users access to specific VLANs using AD-Groups. E.g.: A user of the group admin is able y to access every device on every VLAN, while a user of the group client is can only access the Service and Client VLAN.


  • You'd need some way to tell the user's devices which VLAN to connect to. There is DHCP option 43, but that's based on MAC address. By the time a user logs in, it's too late. The normal way to restrict access is to configure it in Active Directory. Why do you think you have to do it with VLANs?

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