How to reverse proxy web traffic to a specific URL...

  • Hi All!

    My first post here. Please be gentle.... Just getting started with pfSense the past few months and it's working well, but I'm still learning. Hope this is an easy one.

    I have pfSense hosted with a WAN address of 45.xx.xx.xx and a LAN address of On the LAN side, I have a VoIP PBX. Currently, I am port forwarding web traffic from the WAN interface port 49800 to the LAN port of 443. How do I reverse proxy the traffic to allow traffic to https://45.xx.xx.xx:49800/phone/configs/ - but not allow traffic to https://45.xx.xx.xx:49800/? https://45.xx.xx.xx:49800/ is the web admin interface of my phone system, and https://45.xx.xx.xx:49800/phone/configs/ is the directory where the phone configuration files are stored. I don't want to expose the web interface of the PBX to the internet, only the configuration file directory. Does anybody know how this can be achieved? Any help is greatly appreciated!!!!

    So far I have tried squid, squid reverse proxy, and HAProxy, but I can't seem to get the config right. I have also looked in an NGINX server, but will need to start a long road of research. It seems to me pfSense is more than capable of handling this task. I just can't figure it out.

    Any help is appreciated... Please be gentle. Thank you.

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