Is this OpenVPN configuration possible?

  • Right now I have a number of appliances I use remotely that connect to an OpenVPN server. This has been a great solution for me to access these remotely, and it's great that the appliances cannot see one another.

    But I want to have better admin access to manage these. I'd like to have a client certificate for my laptop where I can join the VPN and access each appliance in the field. I do not want to enable client to client access for all clients; but I would like one certificate for myself that allows access to all other clients.

    My first though is I probably should just set up another OpenVPN server on a different port. But not sure if there is a better or more elegant way for this?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    The most secure way is also the most convenient way: Use a separate OpenVPN server.

    Any time you need different levels of access, it's best to setup an isolated VPN structure (different CA & server cert, different server, different subnet, etc)

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