How do I circumvent my OpenVPN settings on certain devices?

  • My setup is as follows:

    Modem - pfsense - Wireless router

    Currently, I have all traffic going through a VPN I set up on my pfsense box (it works great). However, I can't access Netflix etc on my AppleTV, so having spent hours on guides, I'm giving up trying to give access to AWS/Netflix servers etc and would prefer to take the AppleTV out of the VPN mix entirely, but I want the rest of my network to pass through the VPN.

    I'm still in the process of setting this up, but I'm assuming that I set my pfsense box to manage DCHP and set my router up as an AP. From there, how do I isolate certain IP addresses (such as my Apple TV) to avoid the VPN set up on my pfsense box? And, is it best to set this apple TV as a static IP address? Thanks in advance for your help! Hopefully I can work this one out.

  • You use firewall rules on LAN to control which gateway traffic from specified IPs/ports goes out. Make sure you place it above your Allow All rule.

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