OpenVPN + PiHole = Unknown Host

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    I was just getting started with pfSense, and my main goal for now is to reproduce the services i used on my ASUS router, and an OpenVPN connection to my home network is such a thing. I followed the steps in this absolutely perfect video about making OpenVPN setup. But unfortunately there is a little problem with my setup.

    First i made a test conection with test CA, test Server Certificate, test User and test User Certificate. I have a ddns address on the firewall which gets my correct WAN IP address (i have dynamic address from my ISP). I followed the steps and finally i had an OpenVPN connection with my home network, worked everything flawlessly from outside the network. Then i thought i will make 2 more OpenVPN server with 1 TCP and 1 UDP protocol. Followed the same video and the same steps, but at the end i couldn't use the internet. I could ping my pfsense router (, and or any other IP number, but couldn't ping for example Error: Unknown Host. I've set up the DNS Default Domain as localhost (this is my domain in pfsense), and for DNS Server 1 i've set up the pfSense router address (

    Some questions about making OpenVPN servers:

    1. For the first time when i just tried to make the test OpenVPN connection, when i only set up 1 DNS Server in the wizard, which is the pfSense router LAN address (, i can connect to my home network, but i have no internet connection. This is the way it should work? I thought if i set my pfsense as the DNS Server i can connect not only to my home network, but the interner also.

    2. For the test OpenVPN because if i set the pfsense router as DNS server for the OpenVPN doesn't work for me to go out to the internet, i've set up my PiHole LAN address ( as DNS Server 2. Now i can go out to the internet, i can ping But when i started to make the 2 more OVPN servers, it's not enough, if i set up only the pfsense router and the pihole as DNS Servers, i'm not able to ping again. I have to add DNS server 3 with some kind of public DNS server and i can ping again. But the test server is still able to ping without the need of a 3. DNS server. Does anyone have a clue where should i start to investigate the problem? Or did someone meet with this situation?

    I've used all the 3 times the OVPN client export, where the host name resolution was always my ddns address.

    For the PiHole setup i used this article, and in the pfsense the DNS Servers are the localhost (, and the PiHole ( only.

    Thank you guys any help you can provide to understand the OpenVPN setup!

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