What exactly is OpenVPN, what do you use it for, and how does it work alongside other VPN services?

  • Hi, I've been looking to get a VPN for a while now and I keep seeing OpenVPN being referenced, in the context of putting it on a phone or computer. What does it, alone, do? I can only find highly-technical descriptions of this. And also, what do you gain from using it, and another paid VPN service together? (I see .ovpn configuration files mentioned) Through research I know you can put it onto a router, but that's not what I'm referring to. Thanks.https://speedtest.vet/

  • @Rezoyen

    LIke any VPN, OpenVPN provides an encrypted tunnel over the Internet. This means the traffic cannot be read by unauthorized people. It can be used between offices, between a mobile device and home and some people use them to cover their tracks. There are commercial services for the last one.

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