FTP via NAT reflection on a Virtual IP

  • I've seem some posts on the board about this but no one's posted a solution.. I was hoping that someone could let me know of their configuration if they have this working.

    Basically I have an FTP server running in the DMZ (OPT1) behind a virtual IP.  I've forwarded ports 20,21 and 50000-50200 for passive.  I have FTP helper disabled on all interfaces.  NAT reflection is enabled.  This setup works beautifully from the outside world.  I can also connect happily to the internal IP of the FTP server from inside the LAN.

    What doesn't work is connections from the LAN to the FTP server using the external virtual IP.  The connection just times out.

    I do have HTTP working via NAT reflection in the same way (actually, same external IP and internal machine) so I know reflection is working.

    I'd appreciate if anyone has a working configuration they can share with me & the rest of the board.



  • I'm not sure this is possible.
    A work around is to set up split DNS: