I need to Create routes for my VLAN interface.

  • LAYER 8

    PfSense lan ip is and it is connected to my switch interface that ip is
    And i define a static route on my switch that is
    I have L3 Switch and i configure VlAN10, VLAN20, VLAN30, and assign them a ip example,
    for VLAN10 IP is
    For VLAN20 IP is
    In final i need to provide route in PF sense for .10.0 and .20.0 for gateway
    So please tell me how can i configure on PF sense firewal.

  • System -> Routing -> Gateways

    Create a gateway called L3_SWITCH_IPV4 pointing to

    System -> Routing -> Static Routes

    Add routes for & via L3_SWITCH_IPV4

    If you plan to add IPv6 at a later date do the same but call the additional gateway L3_SWITCH_IPV6

    On the L3 Switch create a default route via so everything non local goes out the pfSense LAN interface, but looks like you've done that ☺

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