Snort-4.0_9 Package Update Release Notes (pfSense-2.5 DEVEL only)

  • Snort-4.0_9 (pfSense-2.5 DEVEL only)

    This update provides support for the 2.9.15 snort binary and adds one new feature as requested in Redmine Issue #9871 and fixes one bug.

    Note: The difference between the Snort-4.0 package series on pfSense-2.5 DEVEL and the Snort-3.2.9 package series on pfSense-2.4.4 RELEASE is that the development package offers inline IPS mode support with Snort.

    New Features:

    1. Several columns are now sortable on the RULES tab (duplicating the functionality present on the ALERTS tab).

    Bug Fixes:

    1. The SUPPRESS tab allows deletion of an assigned Suppress List when it should instead issue a warning and not delete assigned lists.

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