Slow redirect after successful authentication

  • When user login for the first time the website take too much time to respond therefore redirection sometimes it take up to 30 sec to redirect.
    Database insertion is very quick
    I think that it take some time to add & allow the user ip & mac address in ipfw

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    @zak_coslat hello,

    are you using any of "high availability" settings ?
    (I'm asking because it could be related)

  • Hi @free4 ,
    I'm using default Pfsense 2.4.4 without changing any settings
    this happen almost every first time the user login

  • Hi,

    This :

    @zak_coslat said in Slow redirect after successful authentication:

    Database insertion is very quick

    is important.
    I'm quiet sure you can also check quickly ( read this so you know how to check ) that the device's MAC and IP are added to the two ipfw tables that are related to your captive portal instance.
    ipfw is the firewall the captive portal portal is using for it's magic.

    Which means : it's all open ...

    Btw : the GUI firewall rules for the interface that the captive portal is using are ok, right ?

    If you have the possibility to add a cert - one that is signed by a know and recognized cert authority like Letsencrypt - to your captive portal's login page you will see things speed up quiet a lot. You can use the acme package to handle all the details.
    The bad news is : you will be needing a domain name like "my-site-network.tld" and have to create a cert like "portal-my-site-network.tld" and use this cert on the captive portal's setup so the portal login page will get loaded using https.
    ( and will you're at it, ask the entire "wild card" cert for "*.my-site-network.tld" so you can also use it for your and and etc etc on your local network (for all your https capable devices )