Looking to set some default values

  • Hello,

    I have a lot of clients to add for OpenVPN. Is there a way to set some defaults for:
    Server host or address:
    TLS Configuration:
    And add AES-256-GCM to NCP Algorithms (currently 128 is default).

    Changing the source will work too if simple.


  • I'm going to answer my own question... the php is very easy to read.


    if ($act == "new") {
    $pconfig['ncp_enable'] = "enabled";
    $pconfig['ncp-ciphers'] = "AES-128-GCM,AES-256-GCM";
    $pconfig['autokey_enable'] = "yes";
    $pconfig['tlsauth_enable'] = "yes";
    $pconfig['autotls_enable'] = "yes";
    $pconfig['interface'] = "wan";
    $pconfig['server_addr'] =
    $pconfig['server_port'] = 1194;
    $pconfig['verbosity_level'] = 1; // Default verbosity is 1
    $pconfig['digest'] = "SHA256";
    $pconfig['compression'] = "none";


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