Problems with SquidGuard

  • Hello everybody

    Someone can lend me a hand with this issue?

    Before install snort with all packages (DNS Forwarder + Squid/SquidGuard + DHCP Relay + VPN + Clamav) everything was right. SquidGuard was working ok, DNS was working well, but after snort package, my SquidGuard not working anymore.

    **I Just really have a doubt with one thing. I noticed, the SquidGuard was not Filtering sites by the shallalist, it looks like shallalist being ignored, at the same moment after snort was installed **

    my settings for snort is:

    wan_categories7.jpg wan_categories6.jpg wan_categories5.jpg wan_categories4.jpg wan_categories3.jpg wan_categories2.jpg wan_categories1.jpg bl_off_snort.jpg

    "Block Offenders" is checked

    The internet works with snort and the other packages, but my SquidGuard not filtering by shallalist

    my settings for squid is:


    when i put any domain on squid proxy blacklist:


    The websites are blocked by squid (not SquidGuard)


    Without blacklist on squid:



    The real issue is the SquidGuard not Working after snort was installed

    squidguard_go_acl2.jpg squidguard_go_acl.jpg squidguard_common_acl.jpg SquidGuard Filter Enable.jpg

    As you see Everything is enable on SquidGuard, the blocked list (shallalist) is ok. But it looks like SquidGuard being ignored after snort installation.

    SquidGuard was working well before snort.

    I think it could be one setting compatibility between squidguard and snort (something simple, but i don't know what it is cause i'm new with pfsense and snort)

    All services are running:


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