HEADS UP: Let's Encrypt ACMEv1 server EOL starting

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    As I mentioned in the ACME 0.6.4 release thread, Let's Encrypt ACMEv1 servers have entered End of Life (EOL).

    The full ACMEv1 EOL Plan can be found at https://community.letsencrypt.org/t/end-of-life-plan-for-acmev1/88430/

    The tl;dr version:

    • Today (November 8, 2019): No more new account registrations will be allowed on ACMEv1 servers
      • There have been several trial periods / brownout tests over the last few weeks where this was shut off temporarily.
      • Existing ACMEv1 registrations will continue to function for now
    • June 2020: No more new domain registrations on ACMEv1 even for existing accounts. Renewals will still function.
    • Early 2021: Temporary test brownouts of ACMEv1 issue and renewals
    • June 2021: ACMEv1 completely disabled

    In the ACME package most of this should be handled automatically, but you can edit existing keys and set them to ACMEv2 servers and click Register ACME account key, then Save to be safe.

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