How to add username/password for fort forwadring in pfsense

  • We have a in-house developed software in our LAN. We don't want this software world accessible, but we want some people can access this software anywhere world-wide. And we don't want to use VPN.

    Is there any way that for example we use port forwarding or something else except VPN, a user connect to the port, pfsense ask for username/password (or key/certificate), then pfsense forward it to the software in our LAN.

    Any suggestion is welcome. Thanks in advance.

  • No. Instead, create your NAT so that only Source IPs defined by you are allowed in. That way you can limit access to just the computers/network you want. Either that or build authentication into your software.

  • Thank Kom, that's sad. Is there any opensource software to check username/password, so that pfsense port-forwarding to this software site in our LAN, then re-direct it to our software.

  • Could you not use a reverse proxy and have an authentication setup on there?

  • Thank Astraea, The reverse proxy may be a good idea. I have just searched and nginx in Linux can be used a reverse proxy. I'll investigate it deeply.
    Still expect more suggestions.

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