Captive Portal with Carp HA and Multi Wan

  • Hello, I have 2 sites which have been running with carp HA, and 2 Wan setup for Failover, and 1 site that has carp HA and 1 Wan. Both have the same wireless ap setup for the guest vlan. Both are using DNS Resolver, and DHCP service.

    Last week I setup the 1 Wan site with CP and Vouchers and it is now working. I can't get the 2 Wan site to redirect to the CP. It will sign in and work if I go to the interface page, it seems redirect just will not work.

    Thank you,
    I have tried to follow the documentation and have watched the videos, tried changing DNS setups and setting the nat and FW rules to allow the guest out only 1 WAN, but no redirect. I don't know what else to try or troubleshoot so I am hoping someone can point me in the correct direction.

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    I have a bad and a good news

    the bad news : captive portal is not working with HA. At all. more info here :

    the good one is that I am working for implementing this feature in a future pfSense version. The work I have done is already half-usable in the development version(but there is likely some bugs remaining...especially if you are using vouchers). you will find here a draft of the feature I plan to submit when it will be ready
    I have no ETA to provide however....(I am actually doing this on my free time)

    (to make it clear : I am not part of Netgate, I am just an user of pfSense like you)

  • Great, I haven't even reached that problem yet, I just can't get redirect to work. Guess it was just a fluke that I got it working at the 1 site.


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