After enable SSL filtering some websites are block like ""

  • After enabling SSL filtring we had faced a very serious problem. suddenly some websites are automatically blocked and after 1-2 minutes they automatically start working. When we check filtering logs these websites not found in blocklist or block filtering logs. We have already whitelisted these websites and provide full access for these websites but the problem remains the same. Please help us
    We provide you some website links where we face a problem.
    " "

    You can directly contact me on skype:

  • LAYER 8 Moderator

    SSL Filtering? With what? You posted in "firewall" but after reading I'm pretty sure that topic has nothing to do with firewalling per se (e.g. packet filtering), but with you running squid/squidguard kind of filtering or pfBlocker. So if you want us to help, you should provide more feedback as to what you did to "enable SSL filtering" and where you whitelisted that.

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