Help with GeoIP aliases needed

  • I'm trying to only permit traffic from the United States to a handful of ports on my pfSense router.

    I thought I had it working with GeoIP - North America - List Action = Alias Permit
    Combined with my specific firewall rules that reference the pfB_NAmerica_v4 alias

    However, in my firewall logs I'm finding IP addresses permitted through. For example, I'm seeing the follow source IP addresses coming through:
    None of those IPs, or their related subnets appear in the North America

    All other GeoIP countries have nothing selected in the list with a List Action = Permit Both

    Clearly I'm doing something wrong. I've tried my best to find manuals for pfBlockerNG online but the results are sparse.

    Thanks in advance, Jason

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    @cfapress said in Help with GeoIP aliases needed:

    maxmind sure thinks that is US IP. US Wayne,
    United States,
    North America 04284 44.3493,
    -70.0712 50 Mid-Maine Communications Mid-Maine Communications 500

    Why would you think its not? Same goes for the other 2 US San Antonio,
    United States,
    North America 78288 29.4247,
    -98.4935 1000 Microsoft Corporation Microsoft Azure 641 US West Babylon,
    New York,
    United States,
    North America 11704 40.7135,
    -73.3546 20 Verizon Fios Business Verizon Fios Business 501

    Looking in my NA list I see

    Which would be -
    So yeah your is in that list.

  • AH ... yes, indeed my subnetting skills were lacking here.

    I resorted to lookups with this tool which helped me better understand what my brain couldn't sort out itself:

    Your link to the maxmind database is very helpful. So, thank you for that. Much appreciated. It will come in handy in the future.

    Thanks for the prompt response.

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